Seismic Detection Systems

With the ever growing security concerns around the globe, there is need for proactive security solutions to address potential security and perimeter breaches even before they occur.


At Acti-tech, we offer quality intrusion detection systems/solutions that are customized to meet and exceed your security needs. One of such systems we offer is the Seismic Detection System.


Seismic detection system uses the Seismic Technology and vibration sensors to measure vibrations occuring in the ground by converting ground motion into a measurable electronic signal. Seismic sensors are invisible, weather-proof, and vandalism-proof. Seismic vibration intrusion systems feature pattern recognition algorithms that classify events based on the type of threat, with sensitive adjustment on a sensor and event level.

Seismic Detection Systems provide sensor-level decision making that allows indepentdent sensor processing for pinpoint accuracy. Its adaptive intelligent algorithms continuously learn the behaviour of the environment, leading to fewer false alarms and highest detection probability.


Acti-Tech offers Portable-Tactical Kits, Standalone Detectors, Perimeter Systems, and Smart Seismic Sensors. Our team of qualified and trained engineers are available to analyse your needs and design a Seismic Intrusion Dectection System that is customized to meet and exceed your needs. Call us now.