• 6th December 2013, Revenue mobilization awards Acti- Tech the contract for the supply and installation of public address system in their Auditorium.

    For this project the Beyerdynamic Quinta, Revoluto, motorized screen from Stumpfl and projector from Kindermann will be deployed.

    Revoluto microphone units give you maximum freedom of movement and functionality as well as excellent sound quality.

    Your advantages:

    - RFI
    RFI proof, i.e. there is no interference from mobile phones
    - Value
    high-quality and solid housing reduces vibrations and noise transmissions from the table

    - NiMH rechargeable batteries
    Standard NiMH batteries
    Operating time is minimum 20 hours
    Recharging takes only 2.5 hours
    Easy replaceable if necessary

    - Headphone jack
    The headphone jack of the microphone unit allows the output of the original language for hearing assistance or another audio channel, e.g. a foreign language.

    - Voice Activation
    The microphone can be turned on by either using the microphone button or automatically via voice activation when the participant starts to speak