DECEMBER 2011

    Acti-Tech recently announced the successful completion of an Under-Vehicle Inspection System implemented at a private residence in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. This project the first of its kind in Nigeria, was part of a comprehensive perimeter surveillance system deployed for the client.

    The client chose Acti-Tech to implement the project, to secure his private residence in response to certain recent security concerns. The UVIS system comprises an underground IP camera system with ultra-wide angle megapixel lens, wall-mounted entrance/exit bullet cameras and uses the unique Video Edge Network Video Recorder and victor client Video Management System, all from American Dynamics, a Tyco International company.

    The camera located underground shows the entire under-side of any vehicle that has approached the building, thereby allowing the security personnel at the security post to view the image and ascertain that the vehicle is not carrying any prohibited items under it before opening the gates. Also the cameras mounted at the entrance and exit gates capture the face of the driver of the vehicle and number plates of the vehicle, a very useful feature if ever there is the need to carry out an investigation. This provides a comprehensive coverage especially as it relates to the movement of vehicles in and out of the premises.

    Acti-Tech Ltd. has also installed a state-of-the-art 360 degree IP dome camera at a height of 20ft within the premises for perimeter surveillance. The entire system is supported by a robust power back-up system using inverters from Victron of the Netherlands.