Pathfinder is the premier footstep and vehicle detection system designed for both the private and public use. Ideal for industrial complexes, high profile government facilities like prisons and military bases, and any other facility where intrusion detection is key for the protection of the facility installations.


With the Pathfinder Seismic Security Solution, you are always one step ahead of intruders as it provides an expandable, affordable, actionable and undetectable early warning capability that allows the operator to detect and pin-point with precision the location, inferring movement patterns, routes, and likely intent of intruders before an act of invasion or vandalism.


With Pathfinder, no external cables or gateways are required. The patented RF communication capabilities of the Pathfinder E-UGS allow for the transmission of detection data over long distances via frequencies undetectable to analyzers.


Its open architecture facilitates integration with third-party devices for slew-to-cue or fly-to-cue functions with PTZ cameras and UAV’s/drones respective. Sensors are equipped with improved machine learning algorithms resulting in a higher probability of detection and lower false alarms.

Gain greater awareness of multiple threat activities and behavior patterns and receive real time notifications & alarms.

At Acti-Tech Ltd, we offer Seismeic Detection solutions for industrial complexes and high profile facilities using the Pathfinder Seismic Security Solution.

Stay one step ahead of your threats with the Pathfinder Seismic Security solution

The solution involves the implementation of a network of efficient ARA Pathfinder expendable underground sensors (E-UGS). The sensors are undetectable, expendable and do not require to be recovered especially if you are operating in hostile environmental conditions. Sensors leave no substantial ground disturbance signature that could leave visual evidence of its emplacement thereby bring the possibility of compromise to near zero. The sensors provide pinpoint accuracy and detection focus is on “the right space”, not “the whole space”.


The asymmetric employment methodology of the Pathfinder Seismic Security Solution provides early warning of threat activity and advance surveillance/spying activity being carried out by the threat, inside, at, and beyond stand-off distances from the threat while reducing risk of sensor compromise. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional linear deployments of conventional systems which often detect the threat too late or are easy to bypass.

Our solution is equipped with fixed site and mobile detection receipt monitoring, mobile alert notifications, intuitive app-based interface, simplified emplacement, enhanced mapping technologies. The sensors are rugged and capable of withstanding a wide range of climate and terrains.


At Acti-Tech Ltd, we have seasoned engineers that are trained specially for the design and implementation of Pathfinder Seismic Security Solution. Our designs are customised to meet and exceed your requirements. Contact us today.